untitled musical project

Untitled Musical Project

Goodbye (Again)

Posted on 25-11-2013

Well that's your lot.

After disastrous and perfectly adequate outings in London and Birmingham respectively, Untitled Musical Project is to fade into memory once again. We would like to thank everyone who attended, anyone who intended to but didn't, all that liked our Facebook page, Youth Man, Tales, Barringtone, McDonalds, It's Just Noise, Birmingham Promoters and Guided Missile. Everyone else is an idiot.



London People

Posted on 15-11-2013

If you are planning to do ten things in London this week then our gig tomorrow should be one of them:


No Sleep Till London

Posted on 14-11-2013

If you are yet to buy tickets for the London gig, now is the time to do so at the following link:


We have been rehearsing pretty hard for this so we should be a pretty good. And even if we are not, Barringtone are playing who are and sound like this:

Heavy Rain

Posted on 03-10-2013

We will be playing with the mighty Youth Man at the Birmingham gig on the 23rd November. If you haven't seen their video for the single Heavy Rain yet, give it a watch, it's bloody good.

The UMP Shop is Now Open

Posted on 22-08-2013

Hello all,

During the first movement of Untitled Musical Project we released two CDs in the form of our self-titled mini album and the Leftovers CDR, aswell as printing a load of t-shirts.

Over the last few years the surplus unsold stock has been living unloved in a box under a bed. It is now time for this to be rehoused to a caring home.

This said the Untitled Musical Project shop is now open for business! Where you can purchase CDs and T-Shirts all for the low low price of £1.50 each with free postage.

Everything must go!


Upcoming Gigs

Posted on 02-08-2013

Hello all,

The original line-up Untitled Musical Project will be playing two live shows this November. They are as follows:

London, Buffalo Bar – 16 November w/ Mcdonalds & Subliminal Girls.
Tickets: http://www.wegottickets.com/event/234680.
Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/534865943247169.

Birmingham, Sunflower Lounge – 23 November w/ special guests.
Tickets: http://birminghampromoters.com/Events/untitled-musical-project.

See you there!



Posted on 02-08-2013

Birmingham's snarling indie-punk trio Untitled Musical Project were briefly the toast of the music press and feverish blog posts upon the release of their self-titled mini-album in 2007. That's until they crashed and burned, with only a handful of recordings and a series of caustic, fearsome live shows to remember them by. With past enmities finally laid to rest (and despite an unfathomable lack of big money reformation offers), Untitled are back in action, announcing two live shows for this Autumn.

"This record's hulking balls will slap your callow cheeks and make you weep" - 4/5, The Stool Pigeon

"When it comes to mixing brain and brawn, Untitled Musical Project are in a deafening league of their own" - NME

"They're young, loud, clever... the most endearing cynics you'll ever meet" - Dazed And Confused

"Let some of their scratchy, weird and angry genius into your life" - Loud And Quiet

"Where hardcore is becoming boring, UMP have realised it's time to inject some fun into the fury" - Plan B

"Under the barrage of noise there are some magnificent tunes" - 8/10, Rock Sound

"Punk in its original, snotty form, smartened up and spat back into your parents' grotty faces" - 8/10, DrownedinSound.com

"It's direct, bloody, face-to-face combat, powerful, thought-provoking music" - Albums of the Year 2007, Artrocker

"They'll make you dance until you are a little bit sick in your mouth" - The Fly